Idle Heroes codes (May 2022)

Become mighty with these codes.


Playing idle games such as Idle Heroes can be in some ways both liberating and frustrating in comparison to other types of gaming. Though there is a certainty that your Heroes will level up and keep training even while you’re not there to guide them, there is always that nagging feeling that they could use a helping hand.

Therefore, while it’s comparatively easy to level up and train your characters in Idle Heroes, with more than 200 of them to collect and then equip with rare, fancy gear, the game could quickly turn from a simple passtime to a daily chore. To help you out on your journey to build up the best possible collection of Heroes, we have put together the following list of Idle Heroes codes for you to discover and use. All of these codes will award you with cool loot and valuable freebies that will help you be the best Idle Hero trainer that you can be.

Some codes will provide you with new Heroes to add to your roster, while others might grant you valuable and useful materials to craft more gear for your characters, or scrolls to strengthen your squads before their next battle. Check in regularly to stay up to date with all of the new Idle Heroes codes and claim more freebies.

How to redeem codes in Idle Heroes

Redeeming a code in Idle Heroes is simple.

  1. Open up the game.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Cool Events’ menu in the top right-hand side of your screen.
  3. Open the tab called ‘Cool Events’.
  4. Enter the codes in the text entry box and press the ‘Exchange’ button.
  5. Claim your rewards from your mailbox. They’re sent there immediately.

Active Idle Heroes Codes

This list contains all the codes that we know to be working at the time of writing of this article. 

  • IH777 – Rewards: 50 Summon Scroll. (This code works only for new players)