How to fix the “Session Error, connection has failed” error in Arma Reforger

Get into a game without this roadblock.

Image via Bohemia Interactive

In Arma Reforger, you’re dropped onto the island of Everon and must battle with the other soldiers in your army for supremacy over the enemy. This requires you to capture radios at the various bases across the map while other players help or hinder your efforts. However, the “Session Error, connection has failed” error can get in the way of you even starting a match. This guide explains how to fix this error, so you can get on with dominating the opposing army.

Seek out low population servers

Screenshot by DoubleXP

This error is more common on servers that are almost full or have the most players. It could be a bug in the game or a fault with the physical servers, which means they’re incapable of coping with the player load. Regardless, the way to fix the “Server Error, connection has failed” error is to look for games with very few players in. Just because the player count is low when you join doesn’t mean it will be forever. Players are always looking for games, so if you start a new empty one, it’ll be more appealing to those that can’t get into the more populated games. You could even set up a Game Master match and mess around with the map for a while as players join, spawn, and explore your creation as you build it.

What is the “Server Error, connection has failed” error?

The “Server Error, connection has failed” error seems more common on servers with high populations. If the server you’re trying to join is almost full, for example, 62/64 players or 30/32 players, you’re likely to hit this error. Sometimes the game will inform you that the server is full, meaning the player display number hasn’t caught up yet. Most of the time, though, you’ll attempt to join the server, enter a loading screen, and then get this error message.