How to fix the pink glitch in Arma Reforger

Stop the pink from consuming all of Everon.


Screenshot by DoubleXP

Arma Reforger is the first game to use Bohemia Interactive’s Enfusion engine. The island of Everon has been beautifully hand-crafted with variations in the terrain and islands in the waters around it. The game is a big step up from Arma 3, but it’s still not perfect. Players are reporting all sorts of bugs in the engine, and this guide explains how to fix one of them, the pink glitch.

How do you fix the pink glitch?

The pink glitch is most commonly caused by aiming down sights with a specific weapon in certain locations on Everon. However, it could be a more widespread issue that simply hasn’t been reported enough to warrant attention from Bohemia Interactive at the time of writing. To fix it, you need to quit the match you’re currently in and then try to enter it again. If that doesn’t fix it, you’ll need to quit the game on the desktop and restart your PC.

This is the only way players have been able to fix the issue so far, but it doesn’t stop it from popping up again. To avoid the pink glitch, pick up any weapons from the armory that you need and then get away from the base entirely. The pink glitch could be restricted to bases, and removing yourself from them before aiming down sights will help lower your chances of it occurring during your next match.

What is the pink glitch?

The pink glitch in Arma Reforger is a visual error that occurs when aiming down sights. The area outside your weapon’s scope will start to dance with what looks like pink fire, and it will slowly spread through your surroundings. The error doesn’t appear to be caused by hardware because players using a wide range of graphics cards and other components are reporting the pink glitch. While the developer hasn’t confirmed it, this error consistently occurs when aiming down sights with an SVD in a base close to the firing range or armory.