How to download mods in Arma Reforger

Get the mod everyone is talking about.


Image via Bohemia Interactive

Mods are at the heart of the Arma series’ history. Some of the most incredible games have come out of mods players have made for games like Arma 3. Arma Reforger takes things to a new level with mod tools and a workshop where players can download any published mod right out of the gate. These mods can be installed and used to create custom games, and this guide explains how to use them.

How to download a mod

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Downloading mods in Arma Reforger is shockingly easy. All you need to do is select the Workshop option from the game’s main menu. This will take you to a screen where all the available mods are listed. You can search through all those on the Workshop and check which ones you’ve already downloaded. Next, click on the mod you want to download and press the download button. A progress bar will then appear, and you know that the mod is downloading.

You can wait for the mod to download on this screen, go and make a cup of tea while you wait for it, or play around in a different mode while waiting for the mod to download. Note that you can’t play a game of Conflict while waiting for a mod to download. When the mod has been installed, you can start a new game using the mod or join one that requires it. The first mod created by the developer, Capture & Hold, is labeled as an official mod, but those made by fans won’t be. This is how you know to expect a certain level of quality, or lack of quality, from a mod.

Why can’t you download mods from the server list?

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Some games in the server list, shown above with a red warning triangle next to them, require a mod to be installed before you can play. A bug in Arma Reforger causes the game to show a progress bar for downloading the required mod but leave it at 0% if you try to download the mods from the server list screen. Instead, you need to go to the Workshop and download the mods there before you can play these games.